Racing Families: The Laubmeiers

We are very proud of all our sponsored Moose Racing riders.  But the families that ride & race together are something very special as many of you know.  This is a shared sport for families to create memories.  Over the next several weeks we will be featuring a sponsored Moose Racing family.

When you go to a race & enjoy the day we sometimes forget about all the hard work that people have devoted behind the scenes.  The Laubmeier family is one of these special families that go above & beyond what most could ever imagine doing for the sport.  Their passion comes through in everything they do.  We started sponsoring Pete (aka “Speedy”) many many years ago.  We have watched his family grow.  It didn’t take long for Brooks to follow in his Dads footsteps so we now sponsor him also.  It is hard to keep Brooks off his bike.  He will go through 3 tanks of gas just ripping around their land in a day.  Pete now has the podium to share with Brooks as winning is no stranger to either of them.  Lane won’t be too far behind & can’t wait to see him also sporting Moose Racing gear.  Behind these 3 guys is Rachel who supports them, the sport & Moose Racing.  We can’t thank this family enough for all they do.


Question:  What do you like the most about racing together as a family? ​

That it is fun. We get to spend a lot of time together talking about our day before, during and after the races. Oh and we get to go to Culvers as a treat after the races!

(Moose Racing:  And if the stars align it will be a good flavor of the day.)

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in racing? ​

When me and Kellon Drone had a great battle at Hixton WI Hare Scramble. Also riding bike around cheering my dad when he is racing.

Question:  What series do you race?  ​

D16 Hare Scramble series

Question:  What is your favorite series / race / track? ​

The D16 H.S. race at Bob Kaus land in Adams, Wisconsin.

Question:  Any tips for a rider just starting out?

Be careful and practice.

Question:  Who do you look up to the most?

My dad, because he races really well, believes in me. He is a good racer because he has been racing for like a hundred years.

(Moose Racing:  Speedy ~ I don’t think your son is really calling you 100 years old.  Ha!)

Question:  Who is your favorite pro rider?

Honesly I dont know…my Dad? (Speedy Pete is a regional AA rider).

(Moose Racing:  Great choice Brooks.)

Question:  What is your favorite Moose Racing product?

The new Hi-Viz gear!

Questions:  Any other comments?

I am in first grade at Black Earth Elementary.  I’m in advanced reading and like math. I like being creative and building things in the shop, building tree forts. I also like riding my bicycle on our trails. My favorite meal is chicken strips and fries! Oh…I would also like to thank Jays Power Center, Moose Racing, DP Brakes and Latitude Graphics Racing for all they do to help me in racing.

(Moose Racing:  It is our pleasure Brooks.  We are happy to be with you since the beginning of your racing / riding journey.)


Question:  What do you like the most about racing together as a family?

The time we get to spend as a family going racing, having fun and talking about our days is the best.  I love that my kids play with the other kids at the track and that all of us parents work together to make sure our kids are safe, fed and having fun! It is one big family at the races!

(Moose Racing:  This is exactly the reason we started this series of family stories.)

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in racing?

I find it hard to speak about accomplishments. However since breaking my back in 3 places and spending two months in a body cast in the year 2000 after a practice crash has allowed me to hit the reset button on life. After the accident I realized what was important and who was important in my life. The noise in life is not worth investing energy into, focus the good and improve on the not so good. I believe that approach to life has helped me to accomplish a lot in racing. 25+ A class championships and several overall D16 Enduro O/A championships. I enjoy every chance I get to ride my dirtbike and DO NOT take it for granted. I also would add that mentoring riders and teaching skills thru my Woods Rider Development class has been very rewarding. Thru these classes we have helped 300+ riders gain skills to make their ride more enjoyable and some to go faster!

(Moose Racing:  Now you all know also why we are so proud of Pete.  We can all learn a lot from what he has to say in this answer.)

Question:  What series do you race?

AMA D16 H.S. & Enduros, Border Battle Series (a new premier off-road series in the upper Midwest).

Question:  What is your favorite series / race / track?

Any D16 H.S. event! If I had to choose one I would to have to agree with Brooks on this, Bob Kau’s D16 H.S. race in Adams WI put on by the Madison Motorcycle Club, also the H.S. at CMJ in Hixton, WI is hard to beat too!

Question:  Any tips for a rider just starting out?

Keep it fun and align yourself with a positive role model to help guide you in life and racing.  Also, when riders go out looking for support, think about what you can do for a company vs what can they do for you. You must demonstrate ROI to be deemed a worthy rider to support. Carry yourself professionally both on and off the track and keep yourself grounded. A race win is great but being a good person lasts a life time!

(Moose Racing:  I hope everyone read this one!  Best advice ever.)

Question:  Who do you look up to the most?

My father. He is the most grounded, hardworking, honest and loving man I know. He has shaped me to be the man I am. If I can be half the man he is I will consider my life to be a success. I love him and look up to him more than words can describe and I am proud to say that as a 40+ year old man!

(Moose Racing:  Pete ~ I think you have followed in your father’s footsteps & are now passing these wonderful traits onto your boys.  I’m sure he is one very proud father.)

Question:  Who is your favorite pro rider?

Jeff Fredette. I suppose he is now an EX PRO but I am proud to call him my friend and respect the longevity he has had in our sport. He has always taken time to talk to anyone interested in talking to him and he is just genuinely happy to ride his dirt bike any chance he gets. We have had a lot of good times together over the years and look forward to many more.

(Moose Racing:  Mr. ISDE is a perfect choice.)

Question:  What is your favorite Moose Racing product?

The RFX brake rotors. They fit perfect, perform awesome and last extremely well!

Question:  Any other comments?

I am proud to have made many friends thru riding my dirtbike that have now become lifelong friends.  The good times extend past the actual racing and riding and for that I am thankful. I am proud to be aligned with companies like Moose Racing, Jays Power Center, DP Brakes, FLEXX/Fasst Company, G2 Ergonomics & Latitude Graphics Racing.  I would like to thank my wife Rachel for always supporting me, many sacrifices have to be made to go racing 25+ weekends a year. She is my rock and I love her with all of my heart.

Moose Racing wants to thank Pete & Brooks for taking the time out of their busy lives to answer our questions.  Team Moose Racing would not be complete without this family.

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