Racing Familes: The Spires

We are very proud of all our sponsored Moose Racing riders.  But the families that ride & race together are something very special as many of you know.  This is a shared sport for families to create memories.  Over the next several weeks we will be featuring a sponsored Moose Racing family.

This week we are featuring the Spires brothers ~ Caden (age 11) & Casen (age 7).

Question:  What do you like the most about racing together as a family?

Caden –   We create fun memories and it is something we all enjoy to do together.  Not only have we created memories with our own family, but we have an amazing extended race family that we hang out with each weekend!

Casen –   Getting to spend time together.  I like how my brother helps me during the race.  At home we make tracks, practice starts, and have races with one another.

(Moose Racing:  This is exactly what we love to hear.  Keep it up guys!)

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in racing?

Caden – I have 2.  The first one was winning the overall my very first every IXCR race.  We honestly didn’t even realize I had won until I got the checkered flag. The 2nd memorable moment was winning my first GNCC class championship.

Casen – Last year the IXCR Pee Wee Championship came down to the final race and I was able to win the race for the Championship!

Question:  What series do you race?    

Caden & Casen – IXCR and GNCC

Question:  What is your favorite series / race / track? 

Caden –  GNCC Ironman

Casen – IXCR Popcorn

Question:  Any tips for a rider just starting out?

Caden –  Practice and be prepared.  Never give up! If you get stuck or make a mistake, just keep pushing.

Casen –  Have fun while racing and don’t stay behind lappers!

Question:  Who do you look up to the most?

The boys both said their Papaws Alan and Mike.  Our Papaw Alan was killed this year in a farming accident.  Prior to his death, he taught us several life lessons including it takes hard work and grit to be successful.  My Papaw Alan hosts 2 local races on his farms.  Papaw Mike enjoys going to the races with us and is always ready to fix anything we need to ensure we can finish the race.

Question:  Who is your favorite pro rider:

Caden –  Adam McGill .  I really appreciate how he supports youth riders at the start line and podium.

Casen – Austin Abney because I like to hang out with him at the local races and he gives me a thumbs up along the track.

Question:  What is your favorite Moose Racing product?

Caden –  My gear  (jersey and pants)

Casen – my Moose Racing Gear Bag so I make sure I get everything I need to the race each weekend.

Question:  Any other comments?

Caden –   I want to thank everyone that helps me at the track especially my sponsors:

* Moose Racing

* Fasst Company

*  ASV Levers

* Leatt

* Scott Googles

* Podium Design

*  Stacy Mundy Photography


* A1 Excavating LLC

Casen –  I want to thank my family, all those that help point me in the right direction at the track, and all my sponsors:

Moose Racing

M and E Honda

Podium Design

Stacy Mundy Photography

A1 Excavating

Armstrong Land and Cattle Company

After reading this you can see why we have both of these brothers on Team Moose Racing!

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