Moose Racing’s Nicole Bradford Gives Back…. Big Time!

The opening round of the 2018 Endurocross Series season was held in Prescott Valley, AZ this past Saturday night. This series brings a unique style of racing which attracts unique people as well. That brings us to retired racer Nicole Bradford, who has been a Moose Racing Sponsored rider for years.  Nicole decided along with her husband Ben to donate $6000 of their own money to the series for the Womens Class which works out to $1000 worth of winnings per round.

Bradford explains her passion for female racing, “It is funny when you retire you can walk away from the sport altogether or you can find a way to still be a part of it.  While I might no longer be capable of being in the front I am 100% capable of being behind the ladies and supporting them.”

Although retired, Nicole still raced the opening round, she was in 3rd on the last lap then got dumped in the rocks and helped push Morgan Tanke through the rocks, guaranteeing Morgan some of that donated money for 3rd and Nicole took 4th.

The generosity shown by Nicole as an advocate for female riders is extraordinary and we are proud to be partnered with people like Nicole and Ben Bradford.