MSRP: $49.95 - $105.95
  • The new Moose Foam-It is the answer for cleaning your bike or ATV without the damage caused by pressure washers
  • No more bent radiator fins, ruined bearings and seals or destroyed decals
  • When used in combination with Dirt Foam, you replicate dropping your vehicle into a “soak tank”
  • With the extended dwell time for the cleaning chemistry, the mud, bugs, etc…melts free from the surface being cleaned
  • Foam will migrate into every nook and cranny
  • Available in a 2 liter version and a 5 liter version
  • Compact units with manual pumps
  • Pressure relief valve for safety
  • 5 liter version comes with air pressure gauge
  • 2 liter version comes with 1 tear open packet and the 5 liter version comes with 2 tear open packets of DirtFoam
  • Imported
MSRP: $14.95 - $26.95
3850-0294 2-Liter Moose Foam-It Pump $49.95
3850-0295 5-Liter Moose Foam-It Pump $105.95